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Carolina Aramburo Charities is at the Heart of Everything We Do

It’s important to us to be clear about what we do. Therefore this list details a majority of our recent initiatives that we need your participation in. CarolinaAramburo Charities provides for and serves people in Bolivia in Cochabamba (her home city) and LaPaz. Her charitable projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Our famous food run, every Friday (year round) in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, led by Ruth Jordan, and delivered by our 3 volunteers and 1 employee. Carolina Aramburo Charities FEEDS the homeless, the sick in the streets, cripples, and drug addicted teenagers gathering around the cities parks and city streets.
  • Providing Education in private universities to selected young people in disadvantaged and difficult situations.
  • Partial scholarships for private schools for children in difficult situations (from tragedies such as loss of their parents who were suddenly unable to continue to pay for their education).
  • Delivering food, medicines and basic shelter for abandoned and abused dogs in streets in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
  • Contributing for urgent and required crucial treatments for Children in hospitals in poor public/state hospitals.
  • Providing Elder care for very bright/talented elderly people who have been abandoned by their families and suffer from degenerative diseases.
  • Carolina personally goes out alone 2 Fridays a month to feed the homeless in South Florida.
  • Carolina and her Master Coaches provide FREE Consulting to Leaders of other Charity Projects around the World.

If you would like to contribute to her non-profit organization, CarolinaAramburo Charities, she would be very grateful for anything that you can contribute. Your money will go directly to help people, with very little overhead, as everything is done through Carolina herself with the assistance of her mother and a few other human angels in Bolivia.Christmas Charity TourEvery year, Carolina Aramburo personally travels to her country of birth Bolivia, (given she has lived in the USA for 20 years and is very much so an American Citizen) to lead a small devoted team of volunteers. The Christmas tour starts by sourcing the materials and supplies to prepare wrapped gifts. In a 3rd world country, where hunger and scarcity are part of the daily life, this proves to be a challenging task.The next step is the wrapping of between 4 to 10 thousands gifts, which extends over several days. Finally, the actual tour starts. Carolina personally hands every gift to a child in need, and takes the time to know their name and give them much needed love and attention.Gift packages contain blankets, Vegan High Protein Food for several Days, Candy, Toys, and cozy socks.Places most commonly visited are orphanages, low income state hospitals, city parks, children’s rehabilitation centers, indigenous areas outside of the city, burn centers and many other locations in high need.During this project, Carolina also makes several personal donations to children in need of emergency medical attention. During the Christmas Charity Tour, Carolina personally participates in the Food Run every Friday for the duration of her visit in Bolivia.

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Would You Like to Donate to Carolina Aramburo Charities?

We are so Grateful for ANY donation you may want to make whether it is a one time or recurring donation of any size.  Your donations will go 100% to those in need that we serve!

Carolina, obviously SPONSORS and DONATES Massively to her Own Charity Projects first, WEEKLY, 52 weeks a year. But she also Donates Monthly to other Charities:

  • Amma Charities
  • Hunger Project
  • PETA
  • Saint Jude Hospital
  • Homeless Voice
  • UNICEF (Carolina has been Recognized as a ‘Champion Donator to this Organization since she was 14 years old)

If you don’t WISH to DONATE to our Charity Projects, please CONSIDER donating to any of these Partner Organizations or ANY CHARITABLE Project that you TRUST, please DONATE; money and volunteering time to those that need the most, it will NOURISH your Heart/Soul as much as save lives and Heal Hearts!!!

If you would like to make a one time donation then please click the button below

If you would like to make a on going recurring donation then please select the amount from the drop down menu  and then click the button below.

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