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Are you an Indigo? Be coached by Carolina!

Indigos OR Spiritually Advanced / ‘Conscious Beings’ are now in abundance in our planet, more than ever…. But to successfully be our SELVES in a planet that pulls for ‘fitting in’, is extremely challenging for adults and children.

A lot of ‘Indigo children’ need support and many times, their parents are not trained for the kind of specialized support they need. This Division was designed to support the parents and the children in this privileged situation, which very often feels like the most challenging situation we can face…

Many “Indigo adults”, we have found a way to ‘survive’ this planet, which seems to not be quite ready for us, or beings like us, who are fully ourselves and self expressed. It is extraordinarily difficult to thrive, while being one’s full spiritual self and at the same time succeed in every arena of life, in a society that is not yet totally ready for our frequency.

I designed this Division to support “Indigo Adults” in doing exactly what I have done in their Own Super UNIQUE WAY; succeed in both; being FULLY, unapologeticly and deliciously one spiritual’s self and at the same really thrive in the ‘ways of the existing world and the way it moves’.I have been Coaching Indigos for over 5 years overtly and 25 years covertly. I am able to not only because I am an Indigo, but because I am also a Masterful Coach (not arrogantly but honoring the exceptional training and mentoring that I have received and continually receive, which allows me to continue to be on top of my life game).

Coaching Indigos given that I am an Indigo is so deeply fulfilling at a SOUL level for me. That is WHY I always offer nominational tuitions to this kind of coaching, and ever my established coaching prices.I believe every Indigo deserves an Indigo Coach to hold our hands energetically to save us some of the unnecessary suffering, to speed up our pathway to bliss in every arena of life and to ‘deeply understand’ and support the uniqueness to translate in effective leadership roles in our planet.

Over the last 2 Decades one of the most frequent requests I receive from parents, is for COACHING about how to Empower their Child. Especially when their Child is an ‘INDIGO’ or Extra Bright or Extra Sensitive or Extra Active. Parenting a Child is one the most challenging & awesome ENDEAVORS on the planet … But when you add Indigo or “Extra __” to the equation, it becomes an endeavor that requires the PARENTS having Extra Professional SUPPORT, as much as the children..

If you are interested in INDIGO Children/Adult COACHING , then contact us today find out how Carolina can Coach, Support & SERVE you or someone you love!

The Label ‘Indigo’ is not necessarily a term that I am totally Aligned with, but it does serve the communication purpose intended here.

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