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Hi to everyone. I am Danny Pardo, and it is an honor for me to be able to share with all of you how much COACHING has made a big difference in my life. And I can’t share without mentioning that Carolina Aramburo’s coaching has made a profound, long-lasting and positive impact in my career, health, spirituality, relationships and specially my relationship to myself.

Allow me to briefly share my “BEFORE” and my “AFTER” Carolina’s coaching in hopes of that this will give you a better sense of what results can manifest in life due to it.Before I met with Carolina, my life was OK but I had a sense there could be something else available for me. By then, I had recently made a career change. From having a degree in Business and another in Marketing and having worked in the corporate world as owner and employee for over 14 years, I had jumped at age 32 into acting with no previous experience.

I’d had several relationships until then but none of profound importance. I’d never cared for my health, although I was never in bad shape or unhealthy, I simply didn’t have it as important. I was going through the emotions of a new career but I couldn’t foresee an inspiring future. I’d never been a religious person but also I didn’t identify myself with anything in that regards.

Choosing to go with and through Carolina’s coaching enabled me to see things about life and myself that I would have never been able to see otherwise. I got to see that as a human being I’d been striving to avoid problems and all the problems I was dealing with were overwhelming me because I was fighting against having them.

I got to realize that the only moment in life that I will never have a single problem is when I’ll be dead. Which brought me to the conclusion that if being alive is synonymous with having problems, then why not have a say in what kind of problems I am going to have! This completely changed my perspective on life itself. I’ll tell you about my chosen problems shortly.

I saw that I didn’t care much for myself because I couldn’t relate to the fact that the body that I have is the vehicle that will carry me through life and as any other product, the shelf-life of it depends on how it’s treated and taken care of. From that moment of that particular distinction, I’ve been aware of subtle things such as drying my hair before going out to the cold weather, using appropriate protective gear when practicing sports and reading the ingredients labels before purchasing (I no longer add sugar nor salt to anything). I think in advance about the possible consequences of the things I do, etc. All of these actions are natural to me now; I don’t force myself, as they have become part of who I am.

The above distinction gave me the clarity that we, human beings, are the only species that are made of two components. I discovered that the aspects to being a human being are: the human and the being. The human represented by the physical body that is our vehicle and the being, which is that unexplainable “thing” that we call the soul or spirit. As I had started taking care of my vehicle, as I stated above, I’ve also invested my time in understanding and studying my soul. Since then I’ve nurtured and enriched my life and have the sensation of peace that is indescribable.

One unexpected result was in relationships. It was right after finishing Carolina’s coaching that on the set of a Home Depot commercial, which I was filming, I met my wife. I had it that no woman could be trusted because I had my heart broken when I was in my early teens. Well, I was able to see that after getting hurt, I always played it safe.

I’d give myself to the other person but not really, as I always kept my distance. And truth be told, none of my relationships endured or lasted too long. After this distinction, I was able to become someone who is open, vulnerable (not weak … simply letting others in) and available, and thanks to this new ways of being I was able to be swept off my feet on that set.

One of the problems that I created for myself during Carolina’s coaching, was becoming a known actor because this was going to give me a chance to express my vision of what can be done to make a real difference in the country I was born in: Argentina. When someone is known, people tend to listen to that person simply because he is known.

So as a result of this new “problem” and focusing on making it happen, in 2015 I’ve landed a Regular Series role on an acclaimed TV Show called “ENTRE CANIBALES” as Father Martin, which was directed by Oscar Winning Director Juan Jose Campanella. The show aired in all Latin-America via FOX-Life and in Israel on YES DRAMA.

This has given me recognition that was unimaginable and now I have fans from all over and I am recognized in the streets of Buenos Aires. The major problem I created for myself is the project ARGENTINA 2039. This project is about me being the president of Argentina by 2039 to bring transformation and a world of possibilities to over 40 million lives. Being known in Argentina is aligned with it happening.

So, to sum it up, thanks to Carolina Aramburo’s Coaching:

  1. Who am I in my:
  • Life: Love, Passion, Clarity and Making a difference in people’s lives.
  • Career: Unstoppable, a Force to Be Reckoned With, Focused
  • Health: Caring and Aware
  • Spirituality: Connected
  • Relationships: Open, Vulnerable and Available
  1. What I have accomplished in my:
  • Life: Live well from a career that is known to be extremely difficult to break into. Moved to Los Angeles and have been expanding my income and my lifestyle. Committed to visit Argentina at least once a year to spend time with my loved ones there and flying Business Class. Already more than 3000 people know my project Argentina 2039.
  • Career: Known and recognizable actor in Argentina and other countries. Participated in major American TV Shows with recurring roles. I gave my voice to a principal character in a Disney movie and they’ve launched the toy with my voice. Worked with unbelievable name actors such as Ed Harris, Eric Estrada, Michael Chiklis, Kiefer Sutherland and many more.
  • Health: I’ve stopped having asthma problems and getting sick as often as I did before.
  • Spirituality: I finally understand what “WE ARE ALL ONE” means!
  • Relationships: An enriching relationship with my partner, my family and my friends.

I need to acknowledge the fact that all that I’ve accomplished and made this happen is a direct result from all the support I’ve received from my parents, my will power and relentless strive to keep going, Carolina’s coaching and that I take 100% responsibility for what happens in my life.

I want to publicly thank you Carolina Aramburo and you are totally able, with integrity, to use this as a testament of your work on your website.

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I am the CEO of a group of companies in Jamaica. I have known Carolina for many years dating back to our mutual involvement in a well-known educational enterprise. When Carolina emerged from an illness and established her life coaching company, I considered it a continuation of her calling to make a positive difference for people.

Many things were going well for me and I did not feel compelled to dig around for any blind spots until my wife, a coachee of Carolina at the time, suggested I do a consultation. On that call, Carolina honed in with unerring accuracy on a big blind spot that had been impacting the quality of my life for many years, my health. I was not a traditional case; I was fit as a fiddle at 50 years old (due to a long-term running addiction), eschewed alcohol, cigarettes and watched my diet very carefully.

Being somewhat obsessive (my wife has another word for it), I was loathe to make a lifestyle change without something equally grueling to replace what I was leaving behind. In other words, I was a hard case to crack. The coaching technology employed by Carolina and her team is difficult to summarize and best experienced first hand. However, her promise of radical results was not necessarily what I had in mind; as such, I decided I would do the 75% programme – take on the good and jettison what I perceived to be ‘bad’ (in other words, do what I do in every other area of my life; does this sound familiar to the reader)? What I did not count on was the design of the coaching and its effectiveness in breaking down the rigid behavioral patterns that had been with me for all of my adult life.

Over the course of 6 months, I moved step by step to reshape my lifestyle; not from fear (my original approach) but from a place of excitement about what was possible with my new context for wellbeing. In short, I got to grips with my eating disorder (known in my previous life as a ‘disciplined diet’), added ten pounds of muscle and achieved a higher level of overall fitness while getting 8 hours sleep a night. As importantly, I have been coached to develop an alertness for my body’s signals and to heed them rather than push myself into ill-health. While the tangible results have delighted me, it is the ease I now have in this area that is my treasured outcome. For that, I am eternally grateful to Carolina and her team.

~ Peter Melhado,
President & CEO
ICD Group of Companies Kingston, Jamaica

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Carolina Aramburo is one of the world’s most qualified and skilled coaches. I have personally witnessed her coaching a group of over 100 people and completely leaving me in awe of her professionalism and skill. Carolina helped me identify barriers that were holding me back from having the life of my dreams.

As a result of Carolina’s coaching, I drastically changed career paths from a safe yet unfulfilling career in finance to starting my own business and multiplying my income in less than a year. I also met my husband as a result of letting go of old patterns and beliefs. Carolina is compassionate but holds you strictly accountable and helps you identify blind spots and redefine what it possible. If you are ready to grow and take your life and career not to the next level but to a level you didn’t even think was possible, call Carolina and her team of top notch coaches. There is no investment with a better return than excellent coaching.
~ Johanna Hedman Barreira,
Hedman Method
Hedman Method Website

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I have had the opportunity to work with Carolina and her group in the last few years. I think I offer a unique perspective on what is available out of her coaching and influence. I retired from a professional golf career and had very little experience in the corporate environment. With Carolina’s help, I relocated and started a completely new career in the mortgage banking industry.  Just landing this job was a huge win. I started this new career in November of 2010 at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Needless to say, the compensation was paltry.

With Carolina’s significant contribution, I was able to navigate the corporate mine field and thrive. Three short years later, my income has risen 500% to the middle six figures. During this time, I had some rough stretches where I wanted to give up and quit. With Carolina and her groups help, I stuck it out and I’m the happiest I have been in a very long time.  I like to think of myself as a smart guy, but what I realized is that I couldn’t accomplish all of my goals without help. I’ll be forever grateful for the coaching and contribution Carolina and her team provided. If you have something you want to accomplish, having a world class coach is an absolute necessity! Thanks Carolina for all that you have done for me and so many others. Cheers.

~ Michael McNerney,
VP Mortgage Lending/Branch Manager Guaranteed Rate

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I had the opportunity, pleasure and challenge of working closely with Carolina in a period in which she coached over 150 people in a seminar. She did this every weekend, but I worked with her every three months for a little over two years. While partnering with her on these very intense days, I got coached in areas that I didn’t even knew could be expanded.  In my world, I was happy, I had a good job and I was successful.

Through Carolina’s coaching, I was able to achieve things that were not in my realm of being possible, among others: to go for and obtain the job of my dreams, to the point that I got to choose the company the role and the salary that I wanted out of three job offers, from some of the largest corporations in the US.  To have an extraordinary relationship, where my wife is the person that I share my thoughts, my feelings and my hopes; she is my safe place, she is home.

One of the added bonuses of Carolina’s coaching is that if one listens and takes on the coaching, it lasts for life. I haven’t been coached by her in the last three years, but I am still applying what she coached me on and by doing so I increased my income by 30% in the last 12 months, I recently ran a half-marathon in a little over 2 hrs. and have signed up for another two already. Carolina is a passionate coach, straight and objective and also a great human being.

~ David Caceres
Corporate Controller, DFASS Group – Largest Inflight Duty Free Retailer in the world


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When I started working with Carolina and Kym, I felt that I was already operating at an advanced level where I was able to achieve my goals both personally and professionally. Now having worked with them for the past 6 months, I believe that I now have a new toolbox to significantly up my game. I am much calmer and am able to see each and every opportunity or challenge with an unbiased sense of purpose and reality rather than an emotional and reactionary view. More importantly, I am able to take setbacks in my stride while continuing to move forward at a previously un-achievable pace.

It has been an extraordinary journey of exploring how we operate as humans, and how our blind spots prevent us from seeing what is obviously stopping us from growing and building on our personal and professional relationships. They are relentless in digging deeper and worked with me to develop insights that delivered radical improvements and a solid foundation to the way that I operate at work and at home. Expect the unexpected from Carolina and Kym, but also a great new way of living and enjoying this wonderful life that has been given to us – No more anxiety and a lot more fun.

~ Vikram Dhiman COO,
ICD Group,
Happy Husband and proud father of two great sons

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My name is Phyllie Conroy and for many years I’ve been plagued with bad health issues, some of which were quite serious. I’ve had thyroid cancer, an aneurysm, congestive heart failure along with knee replacement surgery and cervical disk replacement surgery, to name a few. I am 48 years old.

When I met Carolina, I was so ill and tired, I was at a point where I was ready to just quit. I was taking so many different types of medication, including morphine and percoset, that 90% of my day I was nauseous. I had no energy at all to speak of. As a matter of fact I went from being an avid swimmer to being an avid couch ornament in a matter of weeks. I began coaching with Carolina and the health division coaches, not really believing it would help. However, I decided I was going to do it and I was going to do everything I was told to do.

I started to notice a difference a few weeks in. I had a little more energy than I’d had in ages. And with every week’s coaching call, I noticed that every week, my energy increased a little. What also improved was my cognitive abilities. My thinking had become clearer, and a sharpness and wit long since lost had returned. Friends noticed my sense of humor returning and comments like “I never thought I would see YOU again” and “Where have YOU been hiding all this time?” were quite common! I can safely say that what was not just hiding but was buried, was my life’s spark. Now with the help and commitment of Carolina and the health division coaches, that spark was returning and it was wonderful!

I have been receiving health coaching for almost a year now and I’m feeling better than I have felt in at least 10 years! I might have been breathing today without Carolina and the coaching of the health division, but I wouldn’t be alive without them. There is no doubt in my mind about that.
~ Phyllie Conroy

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You really should hire Carolina as your coach. Carolina and Kym coached my husband and me for over a year. During that time, we both produced some incredibly radical results in our business, our finances, and our health

If you want to stop making excuses and get in action NOW, then Carolina is perfect for you.

~ Michael Mussman and Patricio Vegas Michael Mussman,
Michael – Lead Copywriter at Bridgepoint Education
Patricio – Nurse Supervisor


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