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For those of you that don’t know me from before; coaching people in large groups and one on one, is what I did, in one methodology or another (including but not limited to: Silva, that of J. Rohn of Herbalife and my own) since 1991.

In 1999 I began coaching people in Landmark Education inside of various leadership roles. In the years that I was leading the Landmark Forum I led with the best master coaches of the world (in my opinion and in the opinion of a little over a million people, around the world). The Landmark Forum itself, for those of you who are not graduates, is formatted as a weekend Seminar with approximately 150 people attending, all over the world, in more than 128 cities around the globe.

My experience, training and unspeakable privilege of coaching people prior to and since leading the Landmark Forum has allowed for me to have access to the utmost training and practice for years. It also absolutely gives me the confidence to coach anyone in anything, under any circumstance and have his or her success from my coaching a forgone conclusion.


  • Developing and Training Leaders to excel in empowering people (employees, shareholders and customers) to fulfill on their Company’s mission
  • Designing Organizations to drive and sustain growth from short term to long term performance
  • Coaching/Consulting business owners, executives, & managers in rapidly taking their performance and effectiveness to unprecedented new levels
  • Transforming successful businesses to enter and/or create new markets and business models
  • Structuring and implementing profit and value driven mergers and acquisitions.
  • Creating quantum leaps in sales & profits (in any economy)
  • Developing sales teams to consistently exceed industry standards
  • Creating and implementing flawless sales and marketing strategies
  • Creating and implementing effective, efficient and client-generating Marketing and Social Media


Global Freedom, LLC (Carolina Aramburo Coaching) – CEO/Chairwoman, Senior Executive Coach & Co-owner

  • Responsible for certification of all coaches
  • Developer of ever-expanding coaching tools and methodology
  • Creator of strategic, sustainable partnerships

Landmark Forum Leader – Landmark Education Corp.

  • One of only 50 Global Public Speakers & Performance Coaches (Owners) of the most elite coaches in the world (requiring 7 years of meeting top ratings in company)
  • Developed, Trained, Coached and Managed executives, leaders, management, and teams throughout the organization globally to consistently exceed performance
  • Developed, Trained, & Coached customers one-on-one, and in multiple sized groups (1000+), in performance in their careers and/or businesses (CEOs of companies, entrepreneurs, executives, etc.) and in their personal lives (relationships, finances, sports, etc.)
  • Responsible for complete sales results of all Seminars led
  • Responsible for results of 4 Sales & Operations Centers located in the US and 1 in London
  • Led 3 ½ day Performance seminars globally for 26 days per month, to nearly 1,000,000 people, producing consistent, proven, extraordinary results in people’s lives, businesses and productivity
  • Lead seminars to Harvard Business School
  • Led 3 hour Sales Presentation seminars that consistently produced $120K+ in Sales (average sale $425)
  • Exceeded company’s Exceptional Rating of 21% consistently (average 24%)

Assistant Center Manager for Florida

  • Accountable for producing over a 5% increase in all departments
  • Responsible for recruiting and training 3 staff members to replace the position

Registration Manager for Florida – Landmark Education Corp.

  • Responsible for Marketing & Sales of LEC’s cornerstone course throughout the State of Florida
  • Turned around the State of Florida and continued to have it excel (17 prior managers failed)
  • Jumped sales in State of Florida from 520 to 1200 sales in 1 qtr. (continued to expand each month for 3.5 years)
  • Hit and exceeded Sales target for 97% of the weeks employed in job over 3.5 years. (World record)
  • Developed, Trained & Coached Leaders, Staff, Management, and customers throughout State of Florida
  • Led Seminars, Workshops, and Presentations weekly, producing extraordinary results in performance for customers
  • Produced over $1 M in sales (average sales over time $400)

In House Business Consultant – YouRConnection, Inc.

  • In House: Business Consultant – Executives, Management
  • Managing Company – 3 ¼ X profits in 1 quarter
  • Turned around negotiations with Columbia in two days, which resulted in bringing the company consistent business for 2 years
  • Took Guatemala operation from small operation to being headquarters of operations
  • Sales Trainer – one-on-one training of managers & executives
  • Marketing Trainer – Group Training

Owner/ Distributor – Herbalife

  • Awarded for recruiting the most people globally, consistently quarter after quarter
  • Award for fastest movement in organization (6 levels in 6 months)
  • Became Millionaire distributor in 6 months (sales of $1M + consistent quarter after quarter)
  • Award for most sales in Brazil – expanded – from Rio to San Paolo + throughout Brazil
  • Bolivia – opened Herbalife in Bolivia to 300 distributors in 9 cities – took profits from $0 to $800K
  • Expanded South American distributors to Miami
  • Developed, Trained, Coached Entire Bolivia operations (Sales, Marketing, Ownership)

Sales – Toyota, Bolivia

  • National Award for person who had most corporate subscribers (Lifetime Service Memberships)
  • 1st place in sales for corporate fleet contracts (103 contracts – 2nd place was only 7 contracts)
  • Manager of Internet Marketing


Schooling & Studies:
Universidad Mayor de San Simón – began taking college credits at age of 9 while still attending Loyla High School – Cochabamba, Bolivia – Studied Business Admin, Marketing, Sales, Psychology, Business Psychology, Sociology, Social Psychology for Communities & Computer Science, statistics
Bachelors: Spanish Literature & Writing (Emphasis in Business Writing & Journalism)
Masters Degree: Mathematics & Science

Additional Relevant Education & Training:

  • Equivalent to Doctorate in Behaviorism (Ontology) – Landmark Education (7 year highly advanced program. Less than 70 people have successfully completed this training in the past 40 years)
  • Trained by Top 20 Social Media Company in all aspects of Social Media (Marketing, Sales and Technology)


As a Landmark Forum Leader:

  • Top 5 Overall Producer
  • Broke World Record for Highest Sales for Seminars
  • Set World Record for Highest Seminar Sales
  • Set World Record for Highest Guest Attendance at Sales Event and Highest Sales at Guest Event
  • Top 5 Producer in Sales for Special Sales Events

As a Registration Manager for the Florida Center at Landmark Education:

  • Top 3 worldwide on all measures – Highest per quarter increase worldwide
  • Moved Florida Center from # 5 to #3 worldwide – 240% increase in Florida Center Profits
  • 208% Increase in Outside Sales Introduction events
  • 207% Increase in Outside Sales

With Herbalife:

  • Fastest movement in the organization & became a Millionaire distributor (6 levels in 6 months)
  • Most sales in Brazil and Bolivia

With Toyota (Bolivia):

  • National Award for the person who had most corporate subscribers (Lifetime Service Memberships)
  • 1st place in sales for fleet contracts

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Otilia was born in Peru, and currently lives in Peru. She spent 8 years in the U.S., where she was trained in leadership, and coached people to achieve extraordinary results in their lives. She is committed to the evolution of her family, city, country and the world.

Some of her achievements are: a BS in Nutrition from the National University of San Agustin; Arequipa Peru, a Masters in Business Administration from University Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Lima Peru. She also spent 3 years as an entrepreneur in the health and anti-aging


Her passion in life is basketball, which she has played since she was ten years old. She had the honor to play for Peru’s national team, and has been a basketball coach for 20 years. She applies the same thing that she learned in all of her coaching: bringing the best out of each player, empowering them to play full out and live a radical life. Nothing excites Otilia more than to plant a seed with a person and watch them grow to produce remarkable results in their lives. She believes that the sport is a tool for the realization of a human being.Otilia also has a certification as a Pranic Healer and is a student of Emotional Freedom Technique and the Hoponopono Healing technique.

Her life purpose is to create a world where peace and love are present and everyone can realize their full potential, live their passions, and have anything they really want. She considers herself capable of creating magic, miracles and inspiring people wherever she goes.

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Fernanda Satya


Satya (Nanda Beccaglia) is a Minister of Yoga Siromani (RYT200) and Vedic meditation teacher. She has been teaching for over 10 years and practicing since a very young age. Her passion and devotion to serve and make the teachings available to everyone has led her to quit the corporate world to follow the path of the heart and service.

Moreover, she teaches Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, and Chakra Yoga. She is also an energy healer; holistic wellness and mindfulness coach; relationship coach; certified health

educator and health coach; and a certified plant based chef.   She runs a holistic practice guiding and inspiring people to live a more conscious, awakened, meaningful, joyful, healthy, fulfilled, and balanced life.  She leads both private and group yoga and meditation classes, as well as holistic retreats worldwide.

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Dale is an extraordinary Coach for all the facets of being a Human Being. Dale has a knack for hearing exactly what is blocking any person’s full expression, and the directness to stand for nothing but excellence with his clients.

Dale began his coaching career in 1975 by coaching Professors at the University of Oregon in emerging technologies. Since that time Dale has started over 20 of his own companies and counseled hundreds of companies on start-up and successful growth and expansion. During the ‘80s and 90s Dale

spent most of his time in Asia and Central America negotiating multi-million dollar deals for various clients and himself.

Dale is extensively trained as a program leader with Landmark Education.

A true renaissance man Dale is conversant with Graphics Design, Marketing, Sales/Training, Web Design, Software Development, Business Development/Creation, Electronic Publishing, Corporate Culture and Video graphics.

Since the loss of his partner in 2009 to Bone Cancer, Dale has taken on coaching people to be powerful about and around death.

Dale is ridiculously passionate that every human being experience access to power and joy no matter what their circumstances.


  • Successful business startup and turn around
  • Coaching/Consulting business owners, executives & managers in taking their performance and effectiveness to new levels
  • Evolving companies from R&D to market sales and expansion
  • Training Asian companies in American culture
  • Developing sales teams to expand company profitability
  • Vertical software development
  • Training “C” level executives to efficiently run their companies
  • Skilled in corporate negotiations (Union contracts, large project sales, governments)
  • Designing Organizations to drive and sustain growth from short term to long term performance


Global Freedom, LLC (Carolina Aramburo Coaching) – Director of Organizational Projects, Lead Coach

  • Accountable for training of all company coaches
  • Accountable for client acquisition
  • Responsible for Sales Training
  • Key Contact for Large Organization Projects

Erik’s Light Foundation

  • This is a foundation I created to offer funding to those with chronic illness and or at the end of their lives to pay for services to make their experience more enjoyable

One World Media

  • Publishing company focused on advertising in and to the Gay community
  • OWM offered advertising in periodicals, Internet, social media and many other venues

China National Petroleum/Choice Hotels International

  • Engaged by Choice Hotels International to negotiate a contract for a joint venture in China to build $300 million dollars worth of hotel properties. Took ten days to successfully create a memorandum of understanding to complete the project

Business Development Group

  • Founded this company to create a small collection of consultants to take on business consulting both domestic and international

Advanced Navigation and Positioning, Corp

  • Contracted by the Stockholders to keep the Board members from going to jail for misappropriation of Federal grant funds. The result was no jail and an extension on the original $3.2 million grant to a $7.5 million grant
  • Became a contract CEO for ANPC and sold the first of their landing systems after 12 years of R&D to the Philippines for $3.7 million. Sold one of the systems to the Honduran government for $1.5 million

Yakima Trailer

  • Contracted by the stockholders of Yakima Trailer to do an assessment of the viability of the company. The results were to liquidate the company for their assets

Columbia Trailer Manufacturing

  • Served as interim CFO for CTM until we could hire and train a new permanent CFO
  • Designed the manufacturing flow for the new Truck body to be manufactured
  • Implemented projection and budget structures to ensure the growth and longevity of the company

Citifor, Inc.

  • Contracted in collaborated with Price Waterhouse accounting to supply, install, maintain and design the automated computer system for the US operation of Citifor
  • Engaged to provide cultural training to their Chinese staff and design their financial reporting systems


  • Contracted to establish the US branch of Square of Japan’s operation. Primary role was cultural education and systems implementation

K-Line International

  • Engaged to train and mold their new US operation President
  • At his disposal 24/7 for two years until he was ready to move forward on his own
  • Prepared all correspondence and documentation in preparation for the New York board meeting
  • Developed the business plan for the US operations
  • Negotiated three Union contracts during this time

Coastal Trailer Repair

  • Engaged to design a proprietary software program for CTR
  • Stayed on for four years providing business guidance and systems design


BA Rhetoric and Communication – University of Oregon
Public Speaker and Seminar Leader training – Landmark Education

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Gina is a Certified holistic health coach on a mission to help clients achieve the state of harmony, health, high energy, vitality and balance they so desire. Radiant health is our most valuable asset, and once that is achieved, we can literally conquer anything!

Gina is a graduate of New York University and The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is a dance and conscious movement facilitator, and is deeply dedicated to healthy and balanced lifestyle. Gina has worked in the health

and wellness industry for over 10 years, managing yoga studios and organizing yoga teacher training programs and holistic yoga retreats worldwide. Always wanting to expand her knowledge in the nutrition realm, Gina completed the famous Hippocrates Health Institute Life Transformation program.

She was so inspired by the amazing progress clients made on the Hippocrates program, that she joined the Hippocrates team and worked at the Institute for 2 years. Gina is continuing to learn daily about nutrition and Mind Body Spirit connection. It is her Soul’s calling to to share this knowledge and passion with clients. Gina teaches her clients to develop a meaningful relationship with food, and to heal through food.

Gina guides, supports and empowers her clients every step of the way to take control of their own health, and she is committed to providing measurable and sustainable results. It brings Gina the greatest pleasure to see client’s health and well-being change dramatically over the course of their work together. She continuously gets inspired by her client’s amazing progress through commitment and dedication to themselves and their health.

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Zeina Smidi is committed to people living healthy and happy lives. Whether through holistic health coaching, teaching yoga or healing foods retreats or workshops, she is out to make a lasting difference in people’s lives and their relationship to themselves.

Zeina is the author of the book “Thank you for HPV: A Simple guide to healing yourself” and the founder of Circle of Health, an organization committed to raising awareness around important health issues such as HPV and

cervical cancer. As a yoga teacher, Zeina is known for her gentle approach to teaching and practicing. Gratitude, forgiveness and self- love are important matters that she incorporates in her classes, and in her own practice on and off the yoga mat.

Her classes are inspiring, energizing and accessible to all levels.

As a retreat facilitator, she creates the space for others to truly be themselves and live an authentic life. Her talks are engaging, inspiring and educational.

Zeina currently leads Women’s Healing Circles, sacred ceremonies she was guided to create for her own healing, the healing of all women and the healing of the planet.
Her personal mantra is: “Love yourself and all will come”- Zeina

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Brittany has a deep passion for inspiring and guiding others to live a life they love, in a body they love, through holistic health, nutrition, fitness, and food psychology coaching. She has been doing so professionally since 2007.

Over the last 12 years, Brittany has worked with some of the top athletes, nutrition counselors, and coaches in the country. Despite her wealth of knowledge, she battled chronic dieting and a very unhealthy relationship with food and her body for

years. The turning point came in 2005 when health complications ignited a journey to optimal health and wellness; not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. She began coaching to share the transformative process and help others do the same.

Having graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and a Psychology minor, as well as obtaining rigorous extracurricular education in many matters of the human mind, coaching, and personal development, Brittany is able to work-through her client’s adversities and guide them to lasting change. Brittany continued her educational journey at the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a Certified Personal Trainer, as well as the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the world’s largest nutrition school, where she obtained her Certification as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she learned hundreds of dietary theories, and how to adapt those to each individual based on their wants, needs, schedule, heritage, metabolic type, preferences, allergies, goals, and beyond. Guiding others to discovering how and what to eat for their specific body is imperative, but the turning point came in her and her client’s results when she obtained a deeper understanding of food psychology, human behavior, and how lifestyle effects nutrition and vice versa.

She leads by example and holds herself and her practice to the highest standards of customer oriented service and excellence. She prides herself on taking a multifaceted, step-by-step approach with her clients to not only help them look their best, but feel their best in all areas of their life. Her clients have worked through binge eating, emotional eating, body image issues, weight loss struggles, chronic dieting, food intolerances, allergies, digestive issues, obesity, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, migraines, hormonal imbalances, inflammatory conditions, and many other health concerns. Not only are her client’s symptoms lessened through her strategic use of coaching in nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle, and quantum healing but the condition that is causing the unpleasant symptoms is oftentimes uncovered and healed during the coaching process.

Brittany draws from her education, her personal journey through disordered eating to health and happiness, and years of experience to inspire others to make healthy choices because they want to, not because they feel like they have to. You won’t see restrictive and depriving diets, or punishing miserable workout routines when working with Brittany, but rather systematic changes that are easily integrated into your day, and bring you so much energy and radically efficient results and healing, that you’ll be inspired to take care of yourself and your body for life!

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